Metal clutch bag



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Our metal clutch bags are a distinctive and luxurious accessory that are crafted from brass, stainless steel and aluminum. These clutch purse are definately a statement piece in the world of fashion and accessories.
Created typically through metalworking techniques such as casting, welding, or laser cutting, the metal is meticulously shaped and manipulated to form the desired purse structure, which varies from clutches to crossbody bags.
Our collection ranges from clutch bags with simple metal carvings to crossbody purses that are embellished with semi precious stones.
Some of the pieces have the unique closure mechanism adding to the visual appeal of the purse.
Choose for special occasions, as a present, formal events or as collector’s items.
Depending on the craft, some purses have a interior fabric lining and some don’t.
Pieces including over all stone work are heavier than regular clutch bags.